Privacy Policy

This website, PROORGANO.COM, is operated and maintained by ZAREX CORPORATION, an Indiana Corporation, in South Bend, Indiana.  “We” and “our” refers to ZAREX CORPORATION and its website PROORGANO.COM and “you” and “your” refers to you.  By using this website, you agree to and accept our privacy policy and all of its conditions as are given below.

1.  ANONYMOUS BROWSING vs. TRACKED BROWSING and COOKIES.  Your internet visit, product search and shopping at “PROORGANO.COM“ is anonymous, until you begin to add items to your shopping cart, or until you begin to complete and submit any form on the website requiring data or a response from you, at which time, your visit details are held in a session file, which our website creates, only for the purpose of maintaining the data as we gather, receive and process your order or message.  We may utilize cookies or other internet technology to create and store data temporarily while you visit our website, while you complete your order or until you conclude your website visit.  During your website visit, our website may transfer data to your computing device’s hard drive, via your internet browser, which will enable our website to track, remember and identify you as a specific visitor, during your visit.  If your internet browser has cookies disabled, you may have difficulty completing your order at PROORGANO.COM.  In this case, you may enable cookies on your internet browser, or alternatively, we invite you to place your order with us by telephone, or by locating, printing, completing and returning the MAIL & FAX ORDER FORM by mail or FAX.  Our contact details are shown on the CONTACT US page and on the MAIL & FAX ORDER FORM.

2.  YOUR INFORMATION PROVIDED BY THIS WEBSITE IS NOT SHARED BEYOND OUR COMPANY AND THE INTERNET, CREDIT CARD PROCESSING, and DELIVERY AGENTS THAT DIRECTLY ASSIST US.  We do not sell, trade, barter, transfer or share customer information acquired by this website with third parties.  We use your information only for the purpose of processing and responding to your orders and messages, and for our own, internal marketing purposes.  We require your billing information (name, address, city, province/state, postal code) and your credit card details in order for you to complete check out.  Your sensitive account information is transmitted via a secure internet connection to our secure internet server, and your data is safeguarded by us, through a variety of processes, including data encryption.  In the unlikely event that your customer data and information becomes compromised while in our custody, or if we have determined that an order has been placed fraudulently by someone other than you, we may provide the pertinent customer information received by us to local, state and federal law and banking authorities, only for purposes of investigations and law enforcement, with the stipulation that these agencies maintain the information they receive from us as confidential.

3.  ADVERTISING.  At the point of checkout, you are provided with an opportunity to opt-out of our internet and print advertisements.  There is a separate opt-out check box for our direct mail advertising and a separate opt-out check box for our internet advertising. Unless you specifically opt-out, you agree that we may send to your email address or to your billing address an occasional internet email or direct mail advertisement, as applicable, which promote products and services of similar type and scope as those items or services you have purchased at our website.  Additionally, you have the choice of opting out of our internet advertising each time you receive one of our email announcements or advertisements.  These procedures are in place to assure our customers that our advertising does not become a nuisance.   We may occasionally obtain your email address or name and billing address through a mail list service which is entirely independent from our website, in which case, you may receive email or direct mail from us, even though you have opted out through our website.  We attempt to cross reference all opt-out requests with data we receive from outside sources, and we strive to honor all advertising opt-out requests from our customers.

4.  THIRD PARTY WEBSITE LINKS.  There are numerous, convenient third party links found throughout our website, which lead to websites of our dealers and distributors, to artist websites, to website of venues and institutions and to organ builders associated with our products and services.  Each of these websites may have different privacy policies from ours, or they may have no privacy policy at all.  Although we believe all of the linked third party websites accessed from our website are safe for internet browsing, we accept no liability or responsibility for the integrity of these linked websites, nor for any consequences to you arising from your access of third party websites from our website.

5.  OFFLINE DATA.  This privacy policy and the safeguarding of your confidential information applies equally to data you submit to us when placing your order by telephone, FAX, or mail. When ordering off-line, if you are located outside the USA, we may request your FAX, email or telephone information and we may provide this to our delivery agents, in order to help them to expedite delivery of your order.

6.  PRIVACY POLICY UPDATES.  We may change the terms of this privacy policy without notice; however, all changes and updates to our privacy policy are posted here, effective with the date of the change.  This privacy policy is effective as of October 1, 2009.