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Title:Praise the Eternal Light Synopsis
Artist:Gerre Hancock   Bio Web site
Sample:Track 3: (Excerpt) Improvisation: The Saviour, Teacher of All Men, by Gerre Hancock

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Format:2-disc set, CD audio plus DVD video
Length:68' 00"
Organ:Austin STOPLIST
Venue:Cathedral of St. Joseph, Hartford, Conneciticut WEBSITE
Producer:Frederick Hohman
Notes Author:Hohman, Hancock
Notes Language:English
Graphics Format:12pp book, traycard, slimline jewelbox
UPC #:636077723322

Critics' Comments

21 January 2012 - The producer, Frederick Hohman, wishes to convey his sincere sympathy and condolences to the family, friends and countless colleagues and admirers of Gerre Hancock, upon learning of Mr. Hancock’s passing on 21 January 2012.

Choir and Organ Hancock’s improvisations, which take the cathedral’s Barillet windows as their inspiration, are brilliant, imaginative and accessible. This is a real feast for both eye and ear. - Chris Bragg

Journal of the Anglican Association of Musicians His (Gerre Hancock’s) exterior calm seems to belie his interior passion. ... What a master teacher he is to demonstrate the importance of complete ease at the console - even while summoning the most raging fire from within. - Jonathan E. Dimmock

Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians The entire set displays Gerre‘s extraordinary inventiveness, brought to life by his masterful and unselfconscious technique. ... The whole set is a simply staggering achievement. ... I most heartily recommend this double-disc set. - Victor Hill, Jul/Aug 2010

Track Listing
[ Track # • Title • Composer • Duration ]

01 • I. The Coming of the Saviour, The Light of the World • Gerre Hancock • 6'48"
02 • II. The Saviour and Sinners • Gerre Hancock • 8'56"
03 • III. The Saviour, Teacher of All Men • Gerre Hancock • 8'45"
04 • IV. The Saviour’s Triumph • Gerre Hancock • 7'52"
05 • V. The Crucifixion • Gerre Hancock • 8'13"
06 • VI. The Saviour Gives His Flesh and Blood as the Sustenance of Man • Gerre Hancock • 7'17"
07 • VII. The Saviour and the Joys and Sorrows of Life • Gerre Hancock • 5'34"
08 • VIII. The Saviour and Work • Gerre Hancock • 7'57"
09 • IX. Christ the King • Gerre Hancock • 6'37"


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