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Title:The Angel with the Trumpet Synopsis
Artist:John Balka   Bio
Sample:Conclusion, Toccata in D major, by Marcel Lanquetuit


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Format:Digital Audio CD
Length:65' 17
Venue:Meyerson Symphony Center, Dallas, Texas USA WEBSITE
Producer:Frederick Hohman
Notes Author:John Balka
Notes Language:English
Graphics Format:8pp book, traycard, jewelbox
UPC #:636077703225

Critics' Comments

Christianity and the Arts “Taking each individual piece as an entity, the listener can find great satisfaction. However, hearing the whole program at once is tiring on the ear since there is little dynamic relief. The disc is, nevertheless, highly recommended.” - Morgan Simmons

The American Record Guide “The best of the lot is his Mulet – top-notch in every way. ... Balka has solid credentials, and his playing is respectable and conservative. The selections on this disc allow us to assess the capabilities of this fine symphony hall installation.“ - Metz - May/June 1998

The Organ There are some who say that such romantic music should only be played on a romantic organ. Rubbish! To hear the sheer clarity of sound on this mechanical action organ, and in such a programme, shows what can be done by an expert... I did enjoy this work and do recommend it. - BSt-JN

Track Listing
[ Track # • Title • Composer • Duration ]

01 • L’Ange à la Trompette • Jacques Charpentier • 8'49"
02 • La Nativité from Three Evangelical Poems • Jean Langlais • 5'26"
03 • Dialogue sur les Mixtures from Suite Breve • Jean Langlais • 2'56"
04 • from Symphonie-Passion, Opus 23 - Crucifixion • Marcel Dupré • 8'2"
05 • from Symphonie-Passion, Opus 23 - The World Awaiting the Saviour • Marcel Dupré • 6'40"
06 • In Paradisum • Daniel Lesur • 4'47"
07 • Litanies • Jehan Alain • 4'34"
08 • Romance from Fourth Organ Symphony, Opus 32 • Louis Vierne • 7'49"
09 • Carillon de Westminster from Pièces de Fantaisie, Third Suite, Opus 54 • Louis Vierne • 6'3"
10 • Tu es Petra (“Thou art the Rock”) from Byzantine Sketches • Henri Mulet • 4'37"
11 • Toccata en Ré majeur • Marcel Lanquetuit • 4'51"


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